Classes will be held from 6:00pm to 10:00pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday over a 12 week period.

Over the course of the training, students will have the opportunity to travel to various independent wrestling shows in the Southeast for a first hand look at the entry level opportunities in professional wrestling business.  Students will then have the potential to participate in the shows when sufficient skills have been acquired.

Upon graduation, students  are guaranteed their 1st professional match!

Total cost of Full Training is $3000 ($1500 NONREFUNDABLE deposit upon acceptance to the course.  Remaining balance of $1500 due on or before start of training.) 



Day camps will be scheduled periodically throughout the year.  These camps are allow for seasoned wrestlers to enhance their professional status by improving on their work rate in the ring and advance their knowledge of professional wrestling.

The Trainers

Joey Mercury
Joey Mercury
Head Trainer

WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE Producer and Coach

Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows

WWE Raw Tag Team Champion & IWGP Tag Team Champion


Joey has taught me more about wrestling and life than anyone I’ve ever met in our industry.  In the ring, he’s one of the smoothest and most refined performers I’ve ever seen, but what’s most incredible about him is his wealth of knowledge and passion for pro wrestling.  I cannot sing his praises enough as a trainer, a mentor, and a friend.

Seth Rollins @WWERollins

Joey Mercury was one of the first and few coaches I worked with in FCW and has left a lasting impression on me. His knowledge and passion for this business is second to none. He was able to take my little experience and understanding of psychology and help give me the platform to grow and utilize the fundamentals he taught me. He has a one of a kind mind for what we do and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to be coached under him!

Charlotte Flair @MsCharlotteWWE

I have had the privilege of working with Joey on every level. As an opponent, coach, producer, and friend. I can honestly say that without Joey I wouldn’t be anything close to what I am now. He mentored me and helped me elevate my work to fit my character’s quirky nuances. He has a mind unlike anyone else’s. He is a master of creating character building mannerisms. He has a never ending rolodex of classic ‘work’, but has also competed and helped craft all of the new school stars and styles you see today. Joey is a guy that knows how to make fucking stars! And more importantly has your back no matter what. Joey was a huge contributor to making me in this business, he is world class.

Bray Wyatt @WWEBrayWyatt

Joey’s insight has proved invaluable to me in my career.  As a producer, he has the ability to make any match good and a good match great.  As a trainer, he sees the truth potential in any performer and cultivates it, whether they knew they had it or not.  His passion for wrestling is tireless, and his knowledge so extensive that after all these years, I still look forward to picking his brain for years to come.  If you want to be a jedi, you seek out yoda, if you want to be a wrestler, seek out Joey.”

Dean Ambrose

Joey would be able to teach us things in a way nobody else could.  He had so many analogies that just always clicked for me.  I remember spending hours in extra ring sessions with him every day.  We talked everything from psychology, the steps on selling, and one specific time, took about an hour to teach someone a drop kick, but he did it happily.  Joey is just so patient with everyone of all levels and is someone I miss being able to learn from!  I might have to sneak in the door or his new school a couple times.

Bayley @itsBayleyWWE

Joey is the equivalent of a “Rhodes Scholar.” Someone who’s study of our craft goes far beyond just the technical aspects and delves deeply into the “hows” and “whys” of eliciting a response from a crowd.  I have the great fortune of being around some of the greatest minds in the wrestling industry and Joey stands among the very best.

Samoa Joe @SamoaJoe

Not only is Joey an incredible trainer, but as a mentor, he’s incomparable.  I didn’t find out who I was as a wrestler until I started training with him.  Anyone can teach you moves.  What Joey does is he breaks down the psychology of the business in a way that you can understand and apply.  It’s a consistently evolving business and Joey has continuously adapted.  I wouldn’t be where I am, nor would I be the wrestler I am if I hadn’t met him.  Top notch trainer through and through.

Sasha Banks @SashaBanksWWE

Joey Mercury was one of the first people I met at the WWE that believed in me.  He saw something in me that I didn’t even know I had.  Joey always took the time to do a little extra work with me in the ring, to teach me ring psychology & always told me to appreciate my uniqueness.   He gave me the confidence that I needed to succeeded.  Joey is one of the greatest wrestling minds I have ever met!    

Nia Jax @NiaJaxWWE

In this business, you only meet a handful of people who won’t bullshit you your whole career.  Joey is in that handful.  His teachings and methods are direct and dry, but so invaluable.  The in ring psychology, the why’s & whens, the timing, the precision & execution; they’re all things Joey has mastered beyond anyone I’ve learned from.  His ‘old school’ philosophies with his modern twists have (personally) developed my tag team psychology.  If you  decide to take this leap into the greatest profession in this world, understand, you now have guidance from one of the greatest minds it’s ever produced.  Your career and your life will benefit exponentially.  I owe him more than he will ever know.

Scott Dawson @ScottDawsonWWE